Terms and Conditions

‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, etc., refers to apartment2c / 2C PTY LTD and any respective heirs, successors or representatives.

‘you’, ‘your’, etc., refers to guest/s and/or person making booking and any respective heirs, successors or representatives.


Our Lowest Price Guarantee is only available if you book directly via our website. If you find a publicly available price for the same property for the same dates for the same number of guests inclusive of all applicable taxes, fees or any other charges that is lower, we’ll match it and give you a $50 AUD credit. This offer is not available with any other offer or discount, is non-transferable and can not be back dated.


If you are a returning staying guest booking via our website and you provide us with details of previous stay made in same name at time of making new booking, we will offer you a 10% Returning Guest Loyalty Program discount. This offer is not available with any other offer, discount, is non-transferable and does not apply to already discounted rates. We may at our discretion not offer this discount.


Payment of a deposit or full fee for bookings at any property managed by us, derived from any booking source is an acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.


Instant bookings are available at our website or over the phone with Visa or Mastercard.

Payments must be made in Australian Dollars only.

Rates are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.

We do not accept cash or EFT payments.

Gift Cards are valid for up to 12 months from purchase date and are redeemable at any of our properties.


Our cancellation policy is as detailed below or as detailed on the website you used to book accommodation.

If you cancel your booking 0 – 7 days before arrival, 100% of booking fee paid will be forfeited. If you cancel your booking 8 or more days before arrival, 100% of any booking fee or deposit paid will be forfeited.

Once deposit or full payment is made, no refund will be given. We highly recommend that at the time of booking, you purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, including any reason that may cause you to cancel your booking, arrive late or depart early.

If your stay is terminated at any stage for any reason by either us or you, the total fee paid will be forfeited.

If you have made a booking via a third party booking agent, additional cancellation fees may apply to cover any commissions paid.

At our discretion, we may choose to only charge you a nominal $120 AUD cancellation fee, instead of our standard cancellation fee.

At our discretion, we may choose to issue you a Credit Note up to the value of original booking, less any costs or fees payable to a third party booking agent, valid and subject to availability for up to 6 months from check-in date for use at property booked or at our discretion, at a selected range of our properties. Where cost of new booking is more than value of Credit Note, you will need to pay difference. Where cost of new booking is less than value of Credit Note, you will forfeit the difference.

If you request a booking amendment, there may be a nominal administration fee payable of $50 AUD per amendment per property.


You, as the guest making booking must:
1. Agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions
2. Have read our FAQs
3. Be one of the guests staying at property
4. Be minimum 18 years of age
5. Supply requested Photo ID including front and back of Driver’s Licence or Photo Page of Passport and front only of Credit Card used when booking
6. Pay a Security Deposit before check-in
7. Supply names of all other guests staying
8. Provide signature to acknowledge:
a) making booking
b) being authorised to make payment for booking
c) taking responsibility for maintaining property in excellent condition as found at check-in and
d) responsibility to make payment for any breaches of our Terms and Conditions

Payment of full fee must be made by you at least 14 days prior to your stay. Failure to do so will be treated as a cancellation of your booking by you and therefore subject to our cancellation policy.

We are not able to grant access to property unless we have received full payment for your stay, along with payment for any additional services, payment of a Security Deposit, receipt of requested Photo ID and completed Express Check-in Form. These must be received by us no later than 48 hours prior to your check-in day or in the case of bookings made within 48 hours of check-in, no later than 5pm on check-in day, after which we are not able to process your pre check-in information. If not received within these time frames, this will be treated as a cancellation of your booking by you and therefore subject to our cancellation policy.

Full fee or a deposit of 50% of the total fee is required to confirm your booking if you book more than 14 days prior to your arrival. If you book less than 14 days prior to your arrival, the total fee for your booking must be paid to confirm your booking.

Your occupation of any of our properties may be terminated without notice in the event that there is a breach of any material contained herein or if any amount/s due are not paid by the due date/s. In this event you will not be entitled to any refund or any other form of compensation.

Once a stay has commenced and you wish to extend your stay, this will be subject to availability and charged at same nightly rate as already paid or more depending on guest number. You give us authority to deduct payment for extra nights from your credit card. Extra nights will not be blocked on our live online calendars until full payment is received. Extra nights will not be granted unless full payment is made upfront before the extra stay commences.

Payment of total fee gives you a licence to occupy the property for the agreed time specified in booking, but not possession of property. This licence will be immediately terminated if there are any breaches of our Terms and Conditions.

The check-out date as provided to you via email is the official Notice of Last Day of your occupation of the property you have booked, and is the day you must vacate the property by 10am at the latest. Failure to check-out by this specified time and date will mean we will exercise our right to enter the property and evict you. In the event your personal belongings are still in the property after eviction, these will be removed and will be available for you to collect. Any costs associated with eviction or removal of belongings you have left in property will be charged to your credit card or a Debt Collection Agency will be engaged to recover costs from you and any costs incurred in the debt collection process. Belongings we have removed from property will be held for 7 days and if not claimed and collected by you within that time, will be donated to charity. Any perishables left behind will be disposed of immediately.

A Tax Invoice for your stay can be supplied if requested at an additional charge. The Tax Invoice supplied provides all necessary information as required in relation to your booking and payment you’ve made for your stay. If you request additional Tax Invoices and/or additional information and/or an amendment to the Tax Invoice outside what we normally provide, there is an administration fee payable per Tax Invoice and/or additional information and/or amendment requested.


By making any booking with us you declare to be covered by your own personal insurance for direct or indirect injuries to you or your property or theft/loss/damage to your property that may occur in the property and/or building common property areas. You will not have any claim against us or any of our representatives arising out of any of the above detailed circumstances.


Our FAQs are intended as a guide only. Our Terms and Conditions override any information presented in FAQs where that information differs from that covered in our Terms and Conditions.


It is your responsibility to ensure property you have chosen to book meets your expectations/needs/specific requirements before payment is made. Payments of a deposit or full fee for bookings with us is an acknowledgement by you that you have read full descriptions and viewed images of property chosen, to ensure property meets your expectations/needs/specific requirements, and read our FAQs and Terms and Conditions. If you are unsure if property chosen meets your expectations/needs/specific requirements, then it is your responsibility to clarify with us via email before any payment to confirm booking is made. We will not refund, compensate or be held liable or accountable in any way if you decide once payment is made, that property you chose to book does not meet your expectations/needs/specific requirements.


Before check-in we require you to submit our online Express Check-in Form, which is the Occupancy Agreement between us and you, and to submit all requested Photo ID via our Express Check-in Form. These must be submitted to us 48 hours before check-in at the latest or in the case of bookings made within 48 hours of check-in, no later than 5pm on check-in day. This information is required to verify your identity and to finalise your booking. Information handled in accordance with our Privacy Statement in the strictest, compliant, confidence and security.

You authorise us without exception to charge your credit card before check-in with a Security Deposit of between $400 AUD and $2000 AUD depending on the property you are staying in and your length of stay. If after inspection of property, after check-out, there are no claims for breaches of our Terms and Conditions, the Security Deposit charged will be refunded in full, with refund process commencing on day after check-out. Refund may not be processed on Public Holidays and on Fridays to Mondays inclusive. If there are any claims against the Security Deposit we will advise you and deduct claimed amount and refund balance. If the claimed amount is more than the Security Deposit charged, you authorise us without exception to charge your credit card an additional amount to cover claim. Failure to pay any amount claimed will result in a Debt Collection Agency being engaged to recover costs from you and any costs incurred in the debt collection process.



1 bedroom properties cater for up to 2 guests, 2 bedroom properties cater for up to 4 guests and 3 bedroom properties cater for up to 6 guests (unless prior arrangement and payment for extra guests has been made in properties where this is possible). It is therefore strictly prohibited to have more than the maximum number of guests allowed/agreed to and paid for. You agree that no more than number of guests agreed at time of booking will stay in property at any time during the agreed stay period, all of whom will comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon guests as detailed in these Terms and Conditions.

If more than the maximum/agreed number of guests are found to be staying, they will be asked to leave immediately or at our discretion, we may allow these extra guests to stay and your credit card will be charged an amount to cover any extra guest.

If offered at the property you have booked, we require minimum 48 hours notice to set-up bedding option requests or to supply extra bedding. Extra bedding must be paid for before stay. Depending on property, extra bedding will be a sofa bed or a foldaway bed. Bedding option requests can not be guaranteed.


You are absolutely prohibited from holding any type of party or other gathering or function in the property. This is for the benefit of all our guests and other residents in the building. We have on-site caretakers who are instructed to advise us immediately if there is a party or gathering or function or plans for a party or gathering or function or if there is excessive noise or anti-social behaviour or illegal activities. If you hold a party or any other type of gathering or function or make excessive noise or behave in an anti-social manner or conduct any illegal activity in the property or in any common property area, you will be immediately evicted without any entitlement to any refund and we will not be liable for finding or funding of alternate accommodation, nor will we be responsible for any other associated costs. As our properties are situated in individual residential buildings, we require that you be at all times considerate of other residents. You must enter and exit the property quietly and not make excessive noise in the property or common property areas at any time. For all properties, the noise level must be inaudible from neighbouring apartments/properties between 10pm and 8am. At other times noise must be of an acceptable level, that being a level that does not cause distress to, or complaints from, neighbouring residents. You are expected to behave in a manner which does not interfere in any way with neighbours’ rights and expectation to peaceful enjoyment of their properties. We reserve the right to immediately remove guests who do not adhere to this code of conduct. In such cases no refund will be given and we will not be liable for finding or funding of alternate accommodation, nor will we be responsible for any other associated costs. It is also strictly prohibited for you to engage in any illegal activities at the property. This will cause immediate eviction. In such cases no refund will be given and we will not be liable for finding or funding of alternate accommodation, nor will we be responsible for any other associated costs. A Security Company or Police may be called to investigate complaints of excessive noise, anti-social behaviour or illegal activity. Any costs incurred as a result of a Security Company or Police involvement will be charged to your credit card. Failure to pay any costs will result in a Debt Collection Agency being engaged to recover costs and any costs incurred in the debt recovery process.

We may cancel your booking and refuse entry to property if you or any of your guests behave in an anti-social manner at any stage during the booking or check-in process. We may also evict you or any of your guests who behave in an anti-social manner at any time during stay. This includes face-to-face, over the phone, via email, text message, or in any other manner. In these circumstances, you or any of your guests will not be entitled to any discount, refund or any other compensation.


If you require parking, confirm with us before proceeding with booking if parking is available at the property you are interested in booking. Some of our properties have free onsite parking for 1 vehicle only. A parking permit for on street parking for 1 vehicle only may be available at some of our properties. Some of our properties have no parking facilities. Where onsite parking is available, parking is free of charge. Parking bays are of a standard permitted size. Park in allocated parking bay only and within marked lines to ensure ease of access by other residents to their parking bays. Where a parking permit is available for on street parking, you must request parking permit at time of booking. Availability of parking permit can not be guaranteed. Parking permit is free to use however a minimum charge of $350 AUD will be charged if parking permit is not left in property according to supplied written check-out instructions, or if parking permit goes missing. Follow guidelines as detailed on parking permit and street parking restriction signs which outline permitted time frames and where you are and are not permitted to park. Onsite parking and/or street parking is at vehicle owner’s onus. This includes hire vehicles. No responsibility or liability will be taken for your vehicle/s, or for contents in your vehicle/s, for availability of allocated parking bay/s and/or street parking or for parking fines.


As our properties are situated in individual residential buildings, we do not have a physical reception area nor do we have team members present at our properties. We are therefore not able to store your luggage prior to check-in or after check-out. Unattended luggage must not be left in or out of property or in common property areas. We take no responsibility for any unattended luggage. You will need to make your own arrangements for luggage storage.


You are not permitted to cook any dish likely to leave a long lasting odour. This is for the benefit of future guests and building residents. If you do, we will charge your credit card an amount to cover having the property deodorised. It is an expectation that you ensure the kitchen, oven, cook top, microwave, etc., are left in a clean and tidy state and that all cookware, crockery, utensils, etc., are clean and put away as presented at check-in.


It is a requirement that you ensure the property is kept in a clean and tidy state during your stay and that at check-out is left in the clean and tidy state as presented at check-in. This includes all areas of the property and includes removal of all rubbish and unwanted food items to designated external bins. If you fail to do so, we will  charge your credit card an amount to cover any excess cleaning. All properties have a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, cleaning products, etc., for your use. You must not move any furniture, appliances, etc, which must be in same position as presented at check-in. If you do we will charge your credit card an amount to move furniture, appliances, etc., back to position found at check-in.


You must not leave any item on common property that obstructs use of common property by other residents. This includes but is not limited to luggage, shoes, washing, rubbish, etc. Vehicles must be parked in allocated parking bays only and within marked lines.


Smoking is strictly not permitted in our properties or in any common property area. If you do, we will charge your credit card an amount to cover costs of deodorising.


Pets are not permitted in our properties, in outdoor areas leading off properties or common property areas at any time without prior agreement and payment of an additional Security Deposit. If we have any reason to believe that you have pets in the property without our consent, then we reserve the right to enter the property without notice and request that pets be immediately removed. Or at our discretion, we will charge your credit card an additional Security Deposit. Failure to comply with this requirement will mean immediate termination of your stay with no refund in whole or part.


Utilities are included in the rate. However, you must ensure that all lights, air-conditioners, heaters, tv., etc., are switched off when you are not in the property. Excessive usage may mean we will charge your credit card an amount to cover excessive usage.


We can provide interim housekeeping for stays of between 3 and 8 nights at an additional charge. We provide free compulsory complimentary interim housekeeping for bookings of 9+ nights. Guests who book for fewer than 9 nights and then extend their stay to 9+ nights may not be offered complimentary interim housekeeping. Provision of, number of and frequency of complimentary interim housekeeping is at our discretion only. Complimentary interim housekeeping provides fresh bed linen, bath towels and a general clean and tidy only, so not a complete housekeeping service as provided prior to guest check-in and after guest check-out. Property must be in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidyness in order for housekeeping to be able to carry out complimentary interim housekeeping. A schedule of planned complimentary interim housekeeping will be provided before your stay commences. Every effort is made to adhere to this schedule. It is your responsibility to email us by the following day at the latest if complimentary interim housekeeping does not take place at scheduled time, so we can if possible reschedule. We provide facilities and supplies for cleaning which we ask you to use to keep property in the excellent condition found at time of check-in. You must leave the entire property in a clean and tidy condition as presented at check-in including ensuring all bed linen/towels, etc., supplied are not stained or unreasonably unclean and that the kitchen and bathroom/s are left clean and tidy. Failure to do so will will mean we will charge your credit card an amount to cover additional cleaning.


We may need to access the property from time to time during your stay to attend to repairs, maintenance, routine inspections, other reasons as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, etc., or to show the property to prospective purchasers, renters or other persons (under Australian law, the owner of a property is entitled to access the property for the purposes of showing the property to prospective purchasers on 24 hours notice). You agree to allow us access as required. You also agree that we may provide your mobile telephone number so that persons needing to access the property can arrange access directly with you.

If we have any reason to believe that there is imminent danger to any person or property or you are using or plan to use the property in any way that contravenes our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to enter the property without notice and take necessary action which may include immediate eviction.


Consumables, such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry products, and complimentary perishables such as tea, coffee, milk, etc. are supplied once only at the start of your stay as a starter pack and will not be replaced/replenished during your stay.


We do not provide telephones in our properties. Keep this in mind if you will be travelling without a telephone.


1.Check-in is strictly FROM 3pm. An earlier check-in is strictly at our discretion and by prior arrangement only. An additional fee will be charged to your credit card if you check-in early without our agreement or prior arrangement. Note, we make every effort to ensure our properties are ready for check-in from 3pm. However, from time to time, situations outside our control mean that check-in may be delayed. When this occurs, as a matter of practicality, we may need to delay your check-in time to allow us time to prepare property for your stay. In this circumstance, you will not be entitled to any discount, refund or other compensation.

2.Self check-out is strictly UP TO 10am – A later check-out with an additional charge is possible if prearranged. In the event you stay longer than 10am without our agreement or prior arrangement, an additional fee will be charged to your credit card to cover the over-stay.

3.Check-in procedure – We offer self check-in at most of our properties and optionally a meet & greet check-in service, with one of our team members meeting you at property. Some of our properties are meet & greet only. 48 hours at the latest before check-in, or in the case of bookings made within 48 hours of check-in, no later than 5pm on check-in day, we require completed Express Check-in Form and all requested Photo ID to be submitted to us. Information handled in accordance with our Privacy Statement in the strictest, compliant, confidence and security. Note that we are unable to grant access to property without completed Express Check-in Form and all requested Photo ID and payment of a Security Deposit. Also note that meet & greet check-ins are subject to a maximum 15 minute wait time after agreed meeting time, after which you will not be able to check-in and a late arrival fee will be charged.

4. Keys, key safe, remote control, tag/fob, etc.,  – 1 set of keys will be provided, including where applicable, access tag/fob, remote control, etc. Storing keys in key safe when not in property will allow access at all times by all guests staying. You agree to securely relock key safe after key collection and to keep key safe securely locked at all times if using key safe during stay for key storage. You agree to notify us immediately via email if any keys, access tag/fob, remote control, key safe, etc., are missing or lost during your stay. In the event keys, access tag/fob, remote control key safe, etc., are missing or lost during your stay,  your credit card will be charged a minimum $200 AUD to cover the cost of replacement. Keys, access tag/fob, remote control etc., must be returned at check-out according to supplied written instructions given at check-in. In the event keys, access tag/fob, remote control etc., are not returned at check-out, your credit card will be charged a minimum $200 AUD to cover the cost of replacement.

5. Before check-out – Thoroughly check property to ensure you have not left any items behind, as we will not be held responsible for any items you leave behind. If you notify us within 1 day of check-out that you believe you have left items behind and if we are able to locate these items and you would like them returned to you, we can only do so via Australia Post. You will need to mail us a self addressed and prepaid package suitable to return items in. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Perishables left behind will be disposed of immediately.

6.Late arrival or early departure – You will not be entitled to any refund or discount in the event of late arrival or early departure.


A minimum 48 hours notice is required in order to arrange Guest Requested Extras, except for Late Check-out and Housekeeping Services. Guest Requested Extras will not be supplied if we are unable to successfully charge your supplied credit card with the total cost for selected Guest Requested Extras. Guest Requested Extras are non refundable in whole or part. Guest Requested Extras such as towels, highchair, portacot, street parking permit, etc., are for use during stay only and must be left in property at check-out to avoid a replacement cost charged to your credit card. Hamper contents are purchased fresh to order. Content choices are made at our discretion and take into consideration season, quality of fruit or product etc., and therefore selections can change according to supply. We only supply quality products and we reserve the right to substitute products that may be unavailable or out of stock with items of equal or greater value than the original item. No responsibility will be taken for any food allergies or for any adverse reactions after consuming any Hamper contents. Any liquor that is part of a Hamper, or offered separately to you, is FREE of charge, so is therefore a gift from us to you.


You are responsible to leave the property including all common property in the excellent condition in which presented at check-in. Furniture and other items found in property must not be removed or moved around. All breakages or losses must be immediately reported. Minor accidental damage or normal wear and tear may not be charged. The total cost for making good any other damage or loss to the property and/or contents will be charged to your credit card. Consumables provided for guest use whilst in-house and any reference material provided such as local guides must not be removed from property as this will also incur a charge. In the event of any of the above, you authorise us to recover from you any loss we incur as a consequence of damage caused by you to the property and/or contents. This also includes missing contents. Any amounts owing to us by you will be charged to your credit card.


We offer free WIFI at most of our properties.

In cases where pre-payment for WIFI is required, this is non refundable in whole or part without exception. Pre-paid WIFI is only available if requested at time of booking and only available for entire length of stay, so not for part of your stay.

If you are unable to connect to WIFI or connection is disrupted for any reason during your stay and you are not able to reconnect, including difficulties caused by your device/s capabilities or settings or any other cause, then we take no responsibility for connection or reconnection and do not provide technical support to establish connection or reconnection. We do not guarantee connection or reconnection to WIFI without exception. Connection or reconnection of your device/s to WIFI is solely your responsibility.

WIFI to be used in accordance with our FAIR USE POLICY.

WIFI to be used in property only.

WIFI not to be used to access illegal material or for illegal practices.

WIFI modem is not to be switched off at any time, nor is it to be tampered with in any way including hardware, software and settings.

At check-out, leave portable wireless/dedicated modem in property in location found at check-in.

We will charge your credit card an amount to cover cost of replacement or to repair wireless/dedicated modem if, modem is not left in property during stay or at check-out, if hardware is damaged, or if software or settings have been tampered with.


Depending on the property you are staying in one of the following WIFI Internet Connections will apply:

  • Free WIFI provided via a dedicated WIFI modem.
  • Network Name and Password are supplied via email.


  • 3GB WIFI for $35 AUD provided via a mobile WIFI modem.
  • If advertised as 3GB of free WIFI, this needs to be requested by you at time of booking.
  • Extra 3GB may be purchased for $35 AUD.
  • Network Name and Password are supplied via email if WIFI Internet Connection is requested and paid for at time of booking.


  • WIFI internet access via a mobile WIFI modem available if requested and paid for at time of booking at an additional nightly rate of $10 AUD for stays of 14 nights or less.
  • There is a daily download limit of 30mb.
  • Network Name and Password are supplied via email if WIFI Internet Connection is requested and paid for at time of booking.


Use of our WIFI means you agree to the following FAIR USE POLICY:

WIFI is suitable for light browsing and emailing only, so not suitable for Skype, VoIP, Peer to Peer, downloading, etc.

Not to download music, movies, etc., or use Skype, VoiP, Peer to Peer, etc., and to disable automatic downloads on your computer or other devices. Note that if you have ever previously used your computer other devices to download movies via a Bit Torrent program or similar, the program may activate while you are connected to the Internet (even if you are not aware that it is active) allowing others to download from your computer or other devices. Excessive usage will be charged to your credit card.


In the event the property you have booked is not available for use during the agreed stay due to reasons, events or circumstances beyond our control, we will apply due diligence and good faith to locate a replacement property that equals or exceeds the property with respect to occupancy capacity, location and value. If such replacement property cannot be found and made available, we will refund all payments made, whereupon we will have no further obligations or liabilities to you.


The property is provided in an “as is” condition. We will endeavour to ensure that all amenities in the property are working properly, and that the property is clean and in a fit state appropriate for the purpose of short stay accommodation. If you notify us via email during business hours, after hours, on weekends or public holidays of a faulty appliance etc., or that the property is not clean, or other similar issues, we will investigate and endeavour to take appropriate action to remedy the situation, if we decide this is necessary, as soon as possible, taking into account constraints that are out of our control. If we decide action is necessary, we will put a work order into place. Once in place, a work order will not be cancelled and will need to proceed until such time as complete. We can not give any guarantees with regard to the time frame it will take to complete the work order. Any costs brought about by a work order that are then found to be the direct result of your inability to use an amenity, misuse of an amenity, or negligent damage or misconduct, will result without exception in a charge to your credit card to recover costs incurred. Where possible and where known, notification ahead of your stay of any faulty appliance or other issue that relates to the state of the property that may impact your stay, will be notified via email. The existence of a faulty appliance or another issue with the property will not entitle you to any discount or refund. We will not be held responsible for any amenity’s failure to work. You acknowledge that use of any amenities provided at property may be potentially dangerous and involve potential risks if improperly used, particularly with regard to children and such use is at your own onus and risk.


As our properties are situated in residential buildings governed by an appointed Owners’ Cooperation, we do not control nor will we be held responsible for the state of repair or general presentation of the building and/or common property areas. We do not control maintenance/repairs/up-keep in the buildings in which our properties are located. In the event of a fault in the common property area, e.g., the lift not working or there being no hot water or other issue that comes under the jurisdiction of the Owners’ Corporation, we will notify the Owners’ Corporation of the fault. However, the existence of the fault will not entitle you to any discount or refund. Our properties are situated in quality buildings and common property area faults are attended to by the Owners’ Corporation.


It is your responsibility to ensure the property you are staying in is secure at all times. This includes ensuring it is secure when you are not in property and after check-out. If the property is found to be left unsecured by you at any time during your stay or after check-out, this will be deemed a Breach of Security by you. You will be held responsible and liable for any resulting damage to property and/or theft of property.


Any concerns and/or complaints must be reported immediately via email only during your stay. Any concerns and/or complaints received in any other manner or after a stay has ended will not be entertained. If you give us enough notice via email during your stay to investigate any concerns and/or complaints before your stay ends, we will take appropriate action to address any concerns and/or complaints if deemed necessary by us. The place of law is Victoria and the courts of Victoria have exclusive jurisdiction. This contract between us and you is governed by the law of Victoria and you agree that you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria.


If you require assistance you can either:

EMAIL advising property name and how we can assist. We will reply as soon as possible.


If you require URGENT ASSISTANCE ONLY, CALL apartment2c ASSIST on +61 401 950 797 and leave a VOICE MESSAGE. We will reply as soon as possible.

Guest requests for assistance by any other means will not be actioned.


If you request a call out for assistance for issues found by us to be your responsibility such as but not limited to, you’re not capable to follow detailed self check-in/out instructions, you’re not capable to use key safe properly to access keys for self check-in/out, you’ve locked yourself out by leaving keys in property or you’ve lost keys to property, you’re not capable to connect to wifi, you’re not capable to follow supplied instructions to use appliances, etc., this may incur a minimum charge to your credit card of $45 AUD or $45 AUD per hour or part thereof.


We will not be held responsible for any noise and/or disruptions that occur as a result of Owners’ Corporation maintenance/repairs or other activities to building, or any other noise and/or disruptions that occur as a result of neighbouring building residents/owners, road traffic/works, neighbouring maintenance/building work, etc., or any other noise and/or disruptions from any other source. The existence of any noise and/or disruptions will not entitle you to any discount or refund.


If you should fail to comply with the conditions and obligations of the Terms and Conditions, you will surrender the property, remove all you property and belongings and leave the property in good order and free of damage. You unconditionally authorise us to charge your credit card to cover any cost as a result of any breach of our Terms and Conditions.  No refund of any portion of the total accommodation fee will be made.


You will not assign or sublease the property or permit the use of any portion of the property by other persons who are not your guests and included within the number of and as permitted occupants of the property under these Terms and Conditions.


You agree that all personal property, furnishings, personal affects and other items brought into the property by you or other permitted guests and visitors shall be at your sole risk with regard to any theft, damage, destruction or other loss and that we will not be responsible or liable for any reason whatsoever.

You hereby covenant and agree to indemnify and hold us harmless including other agents, owners, successors, employees and contractors from and against any costs, damages, liabilities, claims, legal fees and other actions for any damages, costs, legal fees incurred by you, permitted guests, visitors or agents, representatives or you successors due to any claims relating to destruction of property or injury to persons or loss of life sustained by you or other permitted guests or your visitors in or about the property and you expressly agree to save and hold us harmless in all such cases.


You hereby waive and release any claims against us, the property owner and their successors, assigns, employees or representatives, officially or otherwise, for any injuries or death that may be sustained by you on or near or adjacent to the property, including any common facilities, activities or amenities. You agree to use any such facilities or amenities entirely at your own initiative, risk and responsibility.


All correspondence to you will be via email to your supplied email address. All emails sent to your supplied email address are deemed to have been received by you and are regarded as proper notice by us to you.


This is an optional outsourced service. Full payment for service, flights details, number of passengers to maximum 4, pick up/drop off addresses and any special requirements must be emailed to us no later than 48 hours prior to arrival. We do not take any responsibility if for any reason the service is unable or fails to attend.


All guest feedback provided via social media, email, post, text/sms, website, guest book, etc., is moderated by management and may appear in whole or part on our website/other websites. All feedback is subject to our Privacy Statement.


All our properties have fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits and smoke detectors. It is your responsibility to locate these upon check-in and to make yourself aware of how to use these if need arises, and to immediately report to us at time of check-in if any of these items are missing or faulty. We will not take any responsibility if any of these items are missing or faulty, or if you are unaware of their location in property or proper use of these items if need arises.


1.Individual properties may differ from those depicted in photos on website.

2.We endeavour to keep all information contained on this website and other websites/media used to advertise/promote up-to-date. However, prices, listings, articles, descriptions, images and other information are subject to change without notice and are for information purposes only. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions noted on this website and or other websites/media used for advertising/promotion . Email us to verify all information via email before making your booking.

3.We are an accommodation booking service and not a real estate broker, agent or rental company. Whilst all measures are taken to avoid any property being misrepresented, we are in no way liable for any advertising misrepresentations.

4.Neither we nor the owner/s of the property in which you are staying can be held responsible for failure or interruption to power or services to the property for reasons beyond our control.

5.We enter into this agreement on behalf of the owner/s of the property in which you are staying and we are therefore not liable to you in any manner in relation to the property or any services.

6.We will not be held liable for any Acts of God that may affect your stay nor will we offer any refund or compensation for any Acts of God.

7.To the fullest extent permitted by law, we and the owner/s disclaim all warranties in relation to the provision of services and the use of the property in which you are staying, and otherwise our liability is limited at our discretion only to the supply of the relevant services again or the payment of the cost of having services supplied again.

8.Neither we nor the owners are liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damage or loss of profits which result from use of the property in which you are staying and services provided to you.


Neither we nor any of our directors, employees or other representatives, or the developer, Internet Service Provider or carrier of the website, will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this website. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit and claims of third parties.


We do not control the buildings in which our properties are located. Accordingly, you agree that we are in no way liable for any direct or indirect damage/injury caused to you or your property by a fault with the building and/or common property or by any occurrence whilst in the building and/or common property. In the event of such damage/injury, you should deal directly with the Owners’ Cooperation who is responsible for the building and the common property and which is required by law to hold policies of insurance covering such situations.


This website may contain hyper links to websites operated by parties other than us. We do not control such websites and we are not responsible for their contents. Inclusion of hyper links to such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites by us or any association with their operators.


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We endeavour to protect your privacy by:

Only collecting information from our guests/potential guests/booking agents which is required for the normal running of our business and to provide the best possible service.

Information handled in the strictest, compliant, confidence and security.

As a guest/potential guest/booking agent, etc., who has booked or expressed interest in booking with us, you give us permission to from time to time send you updates, promotional material etc.

Except where the law says otherwise, the only external organisation to have access to this information may be approved mailing houses that mail marketing material to our guests/potential guests/booking agents or credit card/credit reference companies for finance check and/or approval.

We do not use any personal information we have collected for any other purposes without seeking permission from the individual.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is accurate and complete by contacting our guests/booking agents and updating our records on an as need basis.

Sensitive information is protected when entering into a transaction, as our payment systems maintain the highest privacy and encryption standards.

We will hold information indefinitely so future marketing material can be sent to guests/potential guests/booking agents. If you do not wish to receive this material in the future, email us to have your details removed.

Personal information will not be disclosed to any organisation or individual who has not given a commitment to deal with such information in a way which is consistent with the National Privacy Principles and will be disclosed only in accordance with those Principles.

All information is securely held to prevent tampering, interference by outside sources or unauthorised use by employees or agents.

Individuals can access the information that is held in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

If an individual believes the information held is not accurate they have the right to apply to the organisation to have that information corrected.


If any provision herein is held invalid, the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.

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